34 Weeks

This week the itching I experienced during my second trimester has returned. I am quite worried about this, as another mother has commented on my earlier blog entries, warning me about ICP (see ‘Week 24’).

Initially the itching (now, the second time around) was just all over my tummy, and I was sure that it was as a result of the skin over my tummy stretching (although I have been making an effort to moisturise my bump!). But the itching has now also moved to my arms and shoulders, and every now and again I also itch a little on my legs.

If the itching doesn’t go away soon, or if it worsens, I will have to go to the gynae and perhaps have that liver test done (check out the article ‘Itchy? It could be Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy’ on this website).

Other than the itching, I unfortunately am still complaining day and night that I am tired! I feel horrible for my poor husband who has to listen to this – but I just can’t get myself to lie and say: ‘I’m splendid! Never felt this good in my life!’

Being a mom who suffers from an extreme case of ‘mommy-guilt syndrome’, last week was a big one for us: Alex went to playschool for the first time! We decided to send him to playschool once a week, half day. Seeing how much he liked it, I am considering sending him for two half days, twice a week, once baby Rebecca is here.

Sigh! Mommy-guilt syndrome. I wonder if it ever goes away… I am having a full-on ‘attack’ from it now, as I am in front of my computer, and not with little Alex. Perhaps it’s meant to be there… perhaps it’s the way God wires mothers, so that they will protect and be there for their little ones.

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