Week 24

24 Weeks!

This mommy has skipped a week’s blog entry again! But I do have a valid excuse… we have moved to Stellenbosch. We are currently renting, while waiting to move into our new house the beginning of December. So more tough (exhausting) times still ahead!

The latest preggy thing I am struggling with, is ITCHING! I cannot stop scratching!! It is especially my legs that are itching. Somedays it just looks like something bit me, others days it seems to be a rash. My legs are the worst, followed by my breasts and tummy. If I had to choose between pizza and a good scratch – I just want a good scratch!!

I went to see the nurse who works with my gynae, at their practice, and she asked my gynae about it – I didn’t want to make a full appointment if it wasn’t necessary. Well, I just received a script in my inbox for something that looks like ‘Plenergan’ (Doctor’s writing!). Has anyone had to use this before? Or any other ladies struggling with itching – all over?!

Checking in again with you soon***


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