Things are looking up!

I am ten weeks pregnant this week and things are at last looking up!

If you have been reading my previous blog entries, you would know that I have been struggling to find the energy and time to enjoy my second pregnancy. But at last – the nausea has subsided and energy is seeping back into my body again. Two weeks ago I felt that I would never ever feel normal again or have the strength for anything – now I am feeling awake and excited about the possibilities of life again (not all the time of course!).

Moral of the story: The first trimester is a… well, I can think of some inappropriate words to use here, but let’s then rather just say, the first trimester is not a very kind gal! 😉

Don’t you think that working moms should be able to take some more (paid) time off work?

Which brings me to the topic of working moms and getting time off work… Don’t you think that working moms should be able to take some more (paid) time off work? I am speaking from a mom’s point of view, and not as an employer – so I might be completely illogical and off track, and it would be great to hear from employers what they think. Let me know in the comments below.

Yes – you need those three months after baby is born to nourish, feed and bond with your baby, but there is a time during the first trimester that I am sure most pregnant ladies would agree where they also need some time off. There were days that I was sure I would never get one foot out of bed, and days where I was nauseous 24 hours straight, days when I stayed in my pajamas, incapable of seeing any resemblance of light in anything!

What do you think – shouldn’t working moms get an extra (paid) week (or two!) off during their first trimester? Not that I could rewrite the law or anything – just saying 🙂



My most exhausting little pleasure

My most exhausting little pleasure


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