32 Weeks

At this stage I have a feeling that baby Rebecca wants to ‘come out’ very soon! Even though her due date is only 27 February, and my first baby was two weeks late, I don’t know… She is just soo busy – it truly feels like she is ready to be born!

The thought of her being born next month (or even this month!) is quite scary to me at the moment, as I am not ready yet… My hospital bag isn’t packed, I must still buy baby products and her room isn’t nearly finished.

I guess only time will tell if I am right about this feeling of Rebecca coming much earlier!

At the moment the only pregnancy pains I am experiencing is extreme discomfort at night when trying to sleep, and of course, exhaustion. My body indeed feels like a statue that I have to move around. And most days it feels like baby Becca is lying right on and kicking or shoving my bladder – another reason I am sleeping poorly at night! It also doesn’t help that Alex, our first, has started waking again at night. Sometimes it sounds like he is having nightmares… is this possible at 20 months? What could he be having nightmares about? Perhaps some of the kiddie DVDs? He is currently watching The Lion King, Heidi and, his favourite at the moment, The Aristocats!

Oh yes – the ‘butt spasms’ that I referred to in an earlier post are worsening – and so are the leg cramps at night.

If you don’t hear from me over a period of three weeks – baby was probably born! Haha! But it’s very unlikely. So until then, you will still hear from me until I go into labour!

Next year we'll be four!

Next Christmas we’ll be four!


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