30 Weeks

30 Weeks

30 Weeks pregnant and I am feeling fists and feet!

Baby isn’t making just general big moves around my belly, but I am now constantly feeling little hard bits sticking out and almost punching me from the inside! Someone is definitely exploring her boundaries. I love touching these hard bits of baby when they are protruding from my abdominal area. I push back and then a funny sort of squirm follows from her. Wonder if she is thinking it’s playtime, or whether she is wondering, ‘what the heck is doing that?’ Perhaps, just perhaps – she knows it’s her mommy.

I do hope it is true that a baby recognises his or her mother’s voice at this stage already. I must say, when Alex was born and I spoke, the moment he was placed on my tummy, it was as if he looked at me in a certain way… a way that said – ‘okay, so it’s all going to be okay, because it’s you! It’s you – the voice!’

At last I am starting to get baby’s things together – being a second-time mom means I am already constantly busy with another baby, our Alex (20 months). But I started sorting out some clothes today and making a list of what I need to still get for baby Rebecca (like a new bottle steriliser – I melted Alex’s one in our convection microwave!)

I also have to start thinking about packing a hospital bag… it is 23 December and my due date is the end of February. I am going to assume that she can come anytime from the 15th of February. In fact, she can come anytime from now on!

I think I will put in my bag: two sets of nighties, slippers, maternity panties, perineal ice packs, maternity pads; snacks and water; toiletries (lipgloss and a mirror to keep with me); two sets of clothes for both me and baby; a dummy; my daily medication; my phone and camera; a swaddling blanket… hmmm… what else?

I know there is a list in the 2014 Expectant Mother’s Guide, so I will have to take a look at that. But please do add anything to my list if you can think of some practical things that are easy to forget.



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