29 Weeks

29 Weeks!

At 29 Weeks things are going quite smoothly. My only ‘trouble’ at this time is the intense summer heat of the Boland.

Sleeping has also become tricky, even with my preggy roll, as the options of two sides two sleep on – no tummy (can’t breathe!), no sleeping on my back (it makes me feel nauseous) – leave my ribs in pain!

With sleeping being a problem due to discomfort, I am not getting much rest and I am considering vitamins – but through self-medicating: I find the multivitamins prescribed by healthcare practitioners very expensive, mostly above R200 for 30 tablets.

Does anyone know which are the most essential vitamins to get when you are pregnant and prone to Depression? And how safe is it to take just any kind of vitamin in pegnancy? I was thinking of getting some of the B-vitamins. I also read something about ‘Glutamine’ last night – apparently it is some sort of amino acid? It is suppose to help keep your blood sugar levels constant – or perhaps I misunderstood! I’m horrible when it comes to vitamins and minerals and a more natural approach to health. Then, has anyone ever used 5HTP together with antidepressant medication? I have heard so much about this ‘5HTP’…

As you can see, I have been doing some research on good nutrition. I feel my excessive intake of refined sugars could be the cause of my low energy levels and often depressed mood.

Hoping to hear from some informed moms and experts on the topic!

Mommy and baby 'Number 2' (aka Rebecca?!)

Mommy and baby ‘Number 2’ (aka Rebecca?!)


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