28 Weeks

This mommy is now thoroughly exhausted! We moved into a new house on Friday, and even though people were warning me to take things slow and not do any of the heavy lifting, as I am six months pregnant, I couldn’t help myself – I wanted to make the house look like home as soon as possible.

Alex’s room is all sorted out, but now I have to do the new baby’s room… I have about two and a half months – you never know! At the moment there are boxes in this room and Alex’s old clothes. I thought I would keep all his clothes for the next baby, but looking through it yesterday I realised that most of his things are blue, with cars, motorcycles, ‘vroooommms’, etc!

I am actually quite the feminist and strongly against the stereotypical divide of gender roles, but somehow (it’s probably just so deeply entrenched) I feel that I can’t let our little girl be dressed in blue and ‘cars’ all the time!

Other than thoughts about baby’s new room, things are going well physically (although there is some uhhm, … constipation ‘doing the rounds’). Despite physically exhausting myself the last three days, the baby doesn’t seem to be complaining too much – nothing out of the ordinary is happening. So I find myself not being able to share too much with you this week. We have a scan this coming Thursday, so maybe I will have some news then – and maybe I can put up a pic of Rebecca 🙂

Here’s a picture of Alex from our recent holiday:



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