27 Weeks

I’m at that stage of my pregnancy now where I am on the brink of just letting go or giving in to bad eating habits.

I remember feeling the same with Alex in my third trimester. As your body starts bulging (ooh I hate seeing muffin top on myself!), I can’t help but feel that I’m too far ‘gone’ and that I might as well eat cake and milktart and ice cream till someone has to come help lift me off the bed one day.


Also, I have become a much more difficult person! That is, hormones are going haywire. I had to tell my hubby today to please have patience with me for the next while and that I am really struggling to be positive, happy and just plain friendly! I am feeling very emotional and depressed and am easily irritated.

So it seems to me as I reflect on the start of my third trimester that most bodily ailments seem to by ‘lying low’ for now (my itching has gone away – possibly related to us being out of the Western Cape on holiday), and my biggest pregnancy woes are psychologically. I am constantly between ‘I just want to hide in bed the whole day’ and ‘I’m being a bad mom to Alex’ and ‘I am soo fat’ and ‘I am soooo angry right now!’


I will have to work on a plan for feeling better…
Or do I just accept feeling hormonal, crappy and teary my whole third trimester? Whaaaaaaa!


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