25 Weeks!

The weeks are flying by too quickly – I feel that I haven’t had the opportunity to just sit quietly and bond with the baby who is on her way. I’m not even sure about her name yet, and I still feel nervous about being mom to a girl… with Alex I have come to believe that I am a boy-mommy. I feel so restless – like this pregnancy is just flying by and I am not ‘in touch’ with it at all.

As for the itching – it seemed to have calmed down… Could it be because we are now in a different province on holiday? I am still itching, but it’s about 70% less. I even decided not to take the prescribed Phenergan (Is that the name?) pills. I asked the gynae about ICP, and she said that we could do tests if the itching doesn’t go away after drinking the pills. So at the moment I am just monitoring the itching.

Other than that, yeast infections are driving my absolutely crazy. I am now deliberately trying to cut back on refined sugars – which probably made up 70 % of my diet until now! It’s been easier than I thought it would be, perhaps because we are on holiday at the moment and there are less things I have to deal with that I don’t want to, so I don’t need as much comfort food!


Our little girl must be growing quite quickly at the moment, as I can feel the hard bits of her body more clearly when I press on my tummy. It must be either her ‘butt’ or her head! Like right now – I just tried to feel it! Think her bum is lying just above my navel, to the right. Hallo, little one… mommy is so sorry that she is struggling to bond with you… ☹

Love, till next week

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