24 July 2017

It’s so true when they tell you that pregnant women are like sponges sucking up every last drop of information! I have just finished my 14th week of pregnancy and am addicted to every mommy & pregnancy blog, medical article and magazine I can find that informs me of  something new and interesting with regards to what is happening in my body right now. With this being my first pregnancy, I feel like each and every day is as phenomenal as the previous and the next.

I am still waiting for the second trimester “perks and glow” to kick in as it seems it is not a very timely symptom, unlike every other symptom that has so promptly come and escorted me through the past 14 weeks! From the all-day sickness (I definitely would’ve taken morning sickness if I had the option), to the absolute exhaustion I have felt at about midday everyday, pregnancy is still such an incredible process to take place and I am so fortunate to be able to experience it.

It is absolutely amazing how much love you can have for someone you’ve only seen on a screen 2 or 3 times at most, yet you suddenly think of them every single day. You want only the ultimate best for them, which dictates how you go about making every single decision from the minute you find out that you’re pregnant.

We as women have such incredible bodies, especially when we get some insight as to how intricately God designed the whole pregnancy process. From conception, to our digestive system slowing down in order for more nutrients to be withdrawn from our food, right up until birth, each and every week holds something new for our bodies as well as our precious babies.

Pregnancy apps are so amazing! I absolutely love reading about what is growing each week, how big my baby is and what symptoms I can expect to kick in and why. I’m not saying the past 14 weeks have been the best of my life in terms of how I have felt physically and emotionally, but they have definitely by far been the most incredible weeks of my life!

Until next time,

Siobhan 🙂

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