24 August 2017

Leading on from my last blog, I can now officially announce that we are having a baby boy! We are so happy and excited and so are our family!
At our last appointment, our gynea told us that we had a hooligan on our hands due to how much our baby was moving around. I can officially attest to that as I am feeling so much movement and being kicked so often, despite not even being 20 weeks yet.
I was fortunate enough to have caught on video a big kick from our little boy just the other day. We are having our 20 week check up next week and I absolutely cannot wait to see our beautiful boy again, as well as find out how much he has grown.

Being booked off this week with a throat infection and having to be on antibiotics was definitely a downer, but being able to lie in bed and spend time feeling my baby moving about was just so incredible! I don’t quite think words do justice as to how magnificent pregnancy is. I’m not talking about all the symptoms that you feel and the emotional rollercoaster that you go on, because I will be the first to say that those are anything but magnificent. But feeling your baby kick you for the first time and seeing its little face & body when you go for your scans is like nothing else on earth.

It feels like the past, almost, 20 weeks have taken forever, but in the same breath I just cannot believe that we are already half way through this insanely incredible journey. As much I love having my baby growing inside of me, always feeling him there, and watching him grow, I absolutely cannot wait for January when we get to see him for the first time and give him so many kisses and cuddles!

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