22 Weeks!

22 Weeks and the strange and terrifying pains are gone (see my previous blog entry). Turns out, it was indeed from stress, as a result of our move to a new town.

After listening to all the symptoms, my gynae and some friends on a local mommy Facebook page, were all sure I had to take things slower. I drastically reduced the rate at which I was going and all those sharp and worrying ‘pangs of pain’ disappeared.

I am left with one more uncomfortable ‘symptom’, unfortunately – general, all-over tummy aches! I usually, pregnant or not, struggle with tummy aches – doctors have suggested Irritable Bowel Syndrome, as well as tummy ulcers. During pregnancy, however, these tummy aches are worse and even more frequent. It feels as if I can barely eat anything without getting a horrible tummy ache. Anyone else out there having the same problem? And what can a pregnant lady do to alleviate this pain? Up till some time ago, I used to take probiotics everyday, which seemed to help. They are just so expensive, so I haven’t bought them again. But then again – I can’t suffer this pain everyday, so I think I will pop in at the Pharmacy later.

In more pregnancy news, my breasts are getting gigantic! I look at myself and it just doesn’t look like me! 🙂 With Alex I was quite dedicated to applying tissue oil to prevent stretchmarks, but this time I have been very slack with regards to this, as it is still quite cold and I hate applying anything to my body that is cold or with cold hands!

And oh yes – the ‘butt spasms’ started this week! Do you know what I’m talking about?!

Until week 23!
Lots of love,

Alex helping with the clean-up after packing!

Alex helping with the clean-up after packing!

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