21 Weeks!

Whoa – I think I have to slow down! My body is crying out something!

I don’t know whether it is stress-related, but this week I have been experiencing horrible aches and pains from my ribcage/ diaphragm area up to and behind my collar bones. I could barely put Alex down in his cot last night. I ‘kinda’ ‘dropped’ him in the last little bit!

Isn’t it too early for the baby to be pushing up into my diaphragm/ribcage area? What could it be? I just emailed my gynae and am waiting to read her reply. Today again, I have been experiencing body aches as if I had the flu. Something is feeling strange…

It could be stress, yes… I feel like I am packing and packing and getting nowhere! We are moving in a few days… We will be be ‘nomads’ for a month before we can move into our new home. I’ll have to remind myself that home is where the heart is, and where my loved ones, my hubby and my Alex, are.

Till next time – hopefully I’ll know by then what these aches are all about! Also, I will try and post a pic next time of my baby bump*


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