19 Weeks!!

This week I am 19 weeks pregnant with ‘number 2’!

Actually, we have been thinking of names… And we might call ‘number 2’ Rebecca.

Coincidence or not, yesterday, on my twitter feed, I saw an African proverb stating that you shouldn’t name an unborn child…
Hmmm… I think I disagree. If something had to happen to this baby inside me before she is born, she’ll always be my little Rebecca. She’s real, she’s there – she has a mom and dad and ‘big’ brother. Even though she is not visible yet, she is present and here on Earth.

Anywhoo:-) Physically, my strength isn’t back yet and it doesn’t feel like the multivitamins and iron pills are working. Sigh. Could it be a hormone thing? Is it different when having girls? I was never this tired with Alex.

‘In other news’, I started cross-stitching and I’m making something for both kids to hold on to and maybe even pass along to their kids one day. Nothing spectacular, just small, framed cross-stitch animal characters. I was quite upset when the lady who cleans our house asked me: ‘What are you going to do with that?!’. So yeah – I know it’s not very practical and functional, but I’m making it with love for my children’s rooms.

I cross-stitched Dumbo for Alex's room and Winnie-the-Pooh for Rebecca's room!

I cross-stitched Dumbo for Alex’s room and Winnie-the-Pooh for Rebecca’s room!

In more pregnancy news, my tummy is growing, yeast infections are coming and going (arrrgh), headaches are consistently there, hormonal skin rashes are there for two weeks then gone for a week and the ligaments in my lower tummy feel like they are tearing everytime I sneeze!!

We have a scan again next week! Will keep you updated!




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