18 Weeks

If you have read my previous blog entry, you might remember that I have been feeling depressed and exhausted. I found it especially strange, as I am well into my second trimester – a time in which I was full of energy when I was pregnant with Alex.

I pondered the causes… Seasonal Affective Depression? Hormones?!
The gynae sent me for some blood tests and I think we found the cause – an iron deficiency! I have been on iron pills now for 5 days, and today, day five, I am feeling a little more energised. Also, the weather ‘turned’ three days ago! Winter made place for summer weather! Alex and I actually played in the garden today with water, a bathtub, watering can and bucket! I even had more strength for housework.

Fun in the sun!

Fun in the sun!

Other than that, baby number two is kicking and all seems to be going well.

With regards to Alex… I am falling deeper and deeper in love with my baby boy (I think it’s impossible to love him more than I do, but every day I love him more intensely!). He has made me so vulnerable – my heart is walking around outside my body, and I cannot have full control over the things that will come his way. I can only pray.


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