17 Weeks

17 Weeks and many things are happening!

Firstly, I started feeling baby move this week. I can clearly feel those ‘flutters’ and it seems that this baby is much busier than Alex was – the flutters are quite often and it feels like he/she is making all sorts of funny water gymnastic moves!

Secondly, I have been feeling very tired and depressed. This has been strange, as with Alex, during the second trimester, I was full of energy and zest for life! This could be due to various reasons: perhaps I am feeling tired, as I can’t sleep when I want to and do what I would like to, as when I was pregnant with Alex, or perhaps I am depressed because the rainy weather has been going on for months with hardly any sunny days – constricting us to the house. It could also be that my iron is low or because of some other physiological factor. During my visit to the gynaecologist we did all the necessary blood tests and I should find out soon. Also, I haven’t been eating healthy foods at all – something that could also contribute to my negative mood.

Then… The third thing that I can share with you about week 17 is…

I nearly fell of the bed from surprise! Both my husband and I felt convinced it was going to be another boy! I even started cutting out little car shapes for the baby room. But the sonar showed three flat stripes and not two long legs and a little one!!

May you all have a special week – and may I get behind the reason for my exhaustion and Depression*





Alex playing in the park this week

Alex playing in the park this week

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