16 Weeks

Whoops I skipped one week’s blog entry!


But here I am… 16 weeks pregnant. I don’t have anything exciting to tell you, but here is what I am experiencing at 16 weeks (pregnant with ‘Number 2’):


* My breasts are very big and eina!

* I am constantly feeling bloated

* To my embarrassment, flatulence is now somewhat of a problem – at least Alex is always with me: someone to blame it on!

* I am sleeping very poorly and experiencing night sweats

* I am low in energy, even though I am now well into the second trimester

* I have a rash on my face that the Doctor says is from ‘pregnancy hormones’ – and it will probably stay there until I have finished breastfeeding – eek!


I am also finding that:


* People are much nicer to you and more willing to help when you are pregnant and have a big belly than when you don’t have a belly anymore, but your child is walking alongside you (when you actually need the help and endearment)

* People are less concerned about you when it’s your second pregnancy 🙁 Whaaa.. missing the love!


Besides all of this, I am finding myself in a difficult position, as I have already gone over into nesting mode, but we are in the process of moving!! So I cannot really nest with boxes packed around me. And we might have to move into a rental home for a few months until we find the right house – how ever will I nest?! And baby is coming in Feb…


Alex has NO worries at all about whether mommy can nest or not!

Alex has NO worries at all about whether mommy can nest or not!





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