14 Weeks… and gaining weight!

Flat tummy with Alex at 14 weeks
Flat tummy with Alex at 14 weeks


Bad photo - but baby bump showing with 'Number 2' at 14 weeks

Bad photo – but baby bump showing with ‘Number 2’ at 14 weeks


So… My clothes are much tighter than they were when I was expecting Alex at 14 weeks. It is probably because, as my husband says (oh very comforting!), that everything is already stretched out from the first pregnancy.

Oh goody. Sounds wonderful.

But, I have learned this week, from a lady who is a personal trainer (Suzanne Bentham from Somerset West), that the fat we gain during pregnancy has a very natural (and noble!) reason for being there (which makes it okay ladies!): our bodies retain moisture and fat in order to protect our developing babies. What a good reason to be gaining weight.

However, let’s not fool ourselves into believing it’s okay to gain weight excessively! Remember you are not eating for two grown-ups! Suzanne Bentham’s advice is that you keep exercising as much as you can DURING your pregnancy, in order to more easily lose the weight again after birth. So whether it’s an evening stroll every night, or some dancing with the radio in the mornings – keep going.

And whatever fat remains – that’s noble fat! Baby pillow fat…




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