13 Weeks!

This week I am 13 weeks pregnant with number two!

We went for a sonar at a sonologist who looks for all sorts of possible abnormalities – I’m still not sure how I feel about this visit, something my gynae with Alex did not suggest we do. Perhaps I have too many questions about this… Is it really necessary? Will a ‘normal’ gynecologist not be able to pick up any irregularities? Is pregnancy being ‘milked’ and it’s all just part of the commercialisation of motherhood? Everyone seems to be going to these specialists these days, so we fear that if we do not go, we are ‘bad’ mothers – and fear is of course the main element used to sell most things in life!

Well, at least I got to see a beautiful 4D scan of the new member of our family – something I wasn’t privy too with Alex.

'Number 2'!

‘Number 2’!


We have started thinking of names for ‘number 2’ – and it’s been so much easier than with Alex. With Alex we had a horrible case of dealing with the use of family names (the use of which one of us insisted on and the other refused!) Well, it was sorted out (we had to call in our Reverend – ask me if you want more info!!), and now we can play with names and just enjoy the process:-)

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