Vivid Dreams & Nightmares

Hi there moms. In our household I am not usually the one who sleep-walks or talks in my sleep. However, being pregnant is a different story. My dreams are a lot more vivid and I have created some scary moments for the rest of the family. One night in particular I was convinced the house was on fire. I could smell the smoke. I could see clouds of smoke bellowing in through our bedroom door. At this point I started screaming at my husband, “there’s a fire in the house, there’s a fire in the house!!” . Even as i started to wake from sleep I could still see faint clouds of smoke drifting in through the door. My poor husband jumped out of bed, ran to the door only to turn around and say “there isn’t a fire“. I started giggling uncontrollably, he didn’t find it as funny!!                                             Anchen

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