Time flies!

Well about two weeks ago I told you about the 4D scan we did and just how amazing our daughter’s development was.  It’s now 3 weeks later and I can’t believe the difference in strength alone when she moves and kicks. I remember just 3 weeks ago when I put my head to Natasha’s tummy, I could just make out the movement noise of amniotic fluid, and the little kick against my cheek. Two nights ago I was startled by the strength of one of Micayla’s kicks. You read in books and on sites just how massive the changes and growth is but as it’s our first time we just didn’t  realise how fast things progress, and I’m sure we have not even seen the half of it.

I also told you how we were moving house and all the stresses there.  Now we are more or less settled.  We still have a few things to do, one specific project being our baby’s room. There is much excitement about this as we’ve been designing and painting. We went this weekend to finalise the furniture and accessories.  I joked with my wife saying we are paying for her birth so her future husband is paying for the wedding.  The truth is that it is a costly exercise, but it’s as expensive as you want it to be.  However, you can’t put a price on your bundle of joy.

We have a few friends who are also currently expecting, which is awesome as I’ve heard it being said that when the baby arrives, all the dynamic changes in your lifestyle sometimes cause distance in friendships.

Don’t forget guy’s love your wife like she is the only woman alive and help her every way you can.

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