The global spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has left people exposed to the invisible enemy, but there are ways to not only survive but thrive.

Aesthetic Lab co-owner and medical practitioner, Dr Chris Giezing, offers some practical advice that will not only arm people to combat COVID-19 but improve their quality of life in the long run.

The disease poses a real threat to people due to the contagious nature of the organism while there is a relatively high mortality level associated with the current infection. It is at least two times more dangerous than the normal flu we all know.

“We can only control ourselves, and our environment and therefore, the only way we hold in this regard is to isolate ourselves at home and not be exposed,” said Dr Giezing.

Dr Giezing said it is critical to maintaining strict levels of hygiene and disinfection to avoid continuous exposure to the virus and an elevated viral load.

Viral load refers to the amount of virus we “ingest” per contact as well as how often we are exposed. The higher the viral load, the higher the probability our immune systems will be overwhelmed by the infection and the higher the likelihood of developing the active disease.

Dr Giezing said people could fortify their environment against an onslaught from infective organisms like COVID-19.

The onus is on people to change the environment for the better to reduce their susceptibility to viral infections and improve the quality of their lives.

Changing our environment for the better should not be difficult, and it should not be expensive. It does not involve buying any new tools or chemicals. The exact opposite might be true, and by returning to the basics, we might just hit the sweet spot of healthy living.

He proposes three necessary measures that will provide some protection that does not involve buying any new tools or chemicals.

  • Ensure natural ventilation by opening windows and doors for a flow of air which serves as the best way to get rid of suspended particles that might be carrying infective organisms.
  • Secondly, UV in sunlight kill bugs, and the heat it generates is one of the major factors that not only erase coronavirus but many other organisms that are detrimental to our health.
  • Finally, soap remains a tried and tested remedy against insidious organisms. All viruses are protein molecules covered by a layer of lipid which can be “dissolved” by soap and detergents.

While a hygienic environment goes a long way in protecting people from viruses and bacteria, the best defence is to foster a healthy lifestyle.

The magnificent seven of healthy living includes:

  • Adequate sleep
  • Consuming whole foods
  • Hydration
  • Exposure to sunlight
  • Moderate exercise
  • Managing stress
  • Wise supplementation

“Applying a few well known and general rules to how we live and operate will not only up to our resistance to infection dramatically, but also bring the added advantage of a better quality of life,” Dr Giezing said.

“If you focus on improving your general wellbeing this will bear fruit in all other areas of your life. This will have real benefits in your general feeling of wellbeing, in the fact that you will have more energy, will lose weight easier and general all-round performance.”

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