Such a busy body!

This baby is so active. So much kicking and flipping. It’s quite impressive! I’ve been trying to get my husband to feel with no success but 2 days ago he felt a kick!! It was such a precious moment. It felt so good to share the pregnancy in this way. Until then, I felt like I was keeping these special moments from him. I finally feel like we can both take part in the “magic” and it’s wonderful.

I feel like I should be eating a lot better. I was following a banting diet for a few months before we fell pregnant. I wanted so badly to have a sugar and carb free pregnancy but I’m finding it so hard to stick to it. I feel sick if I don’t eat carbs and sugar has helped me keep some food and drinks down. I am not going overboard on any of these foods but I would have preferred to stay away from them completely whilst pregnant. Oh well. I’ve accepted that I need to do what I need to do to get through some tough times.

On a more happier less guilt ridden note, we get to see the baby again in a week! I’m so impatient. Counting down the days!!

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