Snowflake and Manhattan Marshmallows Serve up a Sweet Mother’s Day Mix-Up with Fluffos and Maps Maponyane.

The Saying Goes:             “Behind every successful man, is a woman”.


While spending time with Maps Maponyane (the most successful sweetheart you will ever meet), you will quickly notice a truly gentle quality about him. What’s even more amazing is how it doesn’t take away from his masculinity, but rather adds an enchanting flair to his character. You will also very quickly learn that this magical quality didn’t appear at a flick of a wand, but from years of sweet moments with his beautiful mother, Meisie.

Maps and his mom have always been close and they both share a love for fashion and baking. Quality time, paired with quality ingredients, means making sweet treats and even sweeter memories.

Sharing Sweet Moments

Maps has always had an insatiable sweet tooth, which meant countless Saturday mornings in the kitchen with mom, sharing laughs, lessons and lovely goodies. Meisie insisted on Maps working alongside her to share in the effort of baking and the delicious reward thereafter.
To this day, sharing a sweet moment together will always mean whipping up something scrumptious in the kitchen. With Snowflake and Manhattan Marshmallows, this combination is an undeniable recipe for success.  It is no surprise that Maps leaped at the chance to write a #DearFluffos letter about his mother and to help us celebrate all magical mothers this Mother’s Day.


Who is Fluffos?


Fluffos is the fluffiest addition to Mother’s Day. He loves all things fluffy – like marshmallows – and he loves to bake! Fluffos is on a mission to find three amazing mothers to be treated to a magical day off with the help of his partners (Snowflake, Manhattan Sweets and Maps).

You can also help Fluffos along on his mission by introducing him to outstanding mothers who deserve this spoil, which you can do by submitting a #DearFluffos letter, telling him what makes your mother super-special!

Treat Your Mom to Something Sweet this Mother’s Day

Be sure to treat your mom to something more than just a sweet treat this Mother’s Day, by downloading a #DearFluffos template from: and motivating to Fluffos why your mother deserves to win a magical day off.  Keep an eye on the Snowflake and Manhattan Facebook pages because we also have some spot prizes up-for-grabs. Visit the Snowflake and Manhattan Sweets Facebook pages to stand chance of winning spot prizes from LCN nail and cosmetic hampers, Shiroko Bespoke Jewellry and more…

Snowflake and Manhattan are giving away three magical days off in the three major cities of South Africa: Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban respectively. To help get your creative juices going, have a look at the #DearFluffos letter Maps wrote about Meisie (make sure you have a tissue handy before feasting your eyes on this heart-warming submission):

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