Relaxation Tips

  • Enjoy a warm relaxing soak in luxury bubbles
  • Buy a foot bath and some nice smelling foot lotion, have a pedicure
  • Herbal teas and a great magazine
  • Taking time out to just “be” may seem odd, but for today’s busy moms taking a few moments every day to sit in a comfortable chair doing absolutely nothing is excellent for relaxation. Allow your mind to drift and marvel at what an amazing job you are doing!
  • A relaxing massage can take the strain out of your tired shoulders and back
  • Sleeping – try a long, slow deep breath through the nose and long slow breath out through the mouth and at the same time gradually allow yourself to relax any tense areas of your body
  • Put your favourite music on to play wile you breastfeed your baby
  • Exercise is an excellent form of relaxation. Swimming is great and it helps muscles to relax
  • Pass baby to Dad while you make yourself a cup of tea and put your feet up for a few minutes
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