Pregnancy Is Hard!

The excitement of being pregnant has been dulled slightly by the current attack on my senses. You know, you read about the symptoms… backache, breast tenderness and nausea to name a few and you say to yourself “yeah ok, I’m ready. I can do that”. What you are not prepared for is doing “that” all at once, day after nauseating day. Pregnancy is hard!

I am 9 weeks along now and I must say that my first 6 weeks were a breeze (please come back!). Mild nausea, minimal backache and manageable breast tenderness. I thought I had this whole pregnancy thing down. Not even close! Week 6 day 1 knocked me off my feet and I have been off of them since. I never really appreciated the toll growing a human takes on your body. I knew what to expect but experiencing it is a whole different matter. I have never felt so sorry for myself in my life and I don’t think I have it that bad because I’m not constantly hugging the toilet.

I have a new found respect for mothers and at the same time I am absolutely, 100% sure that I only want 2 kids. When I was younger I wanted a big family. 5 kids were what I was aiming for. The cost of being an adult changed that number to 3 and now I can say that constant heaving has reinforced my husband’s thinking of 2. I know it may be premature since I don’t have the awesome reward for all my pain and suffering but right now this little raspberry will be lucky to have a sibling. As strong as my feelings of self-pity are, I feel really bad for feeling this way. I’m making a human, growing him or her from scratch and it is AMAZING! Just learning about what is happening inside me weekly makes so happy. That is until my head starts to spin and feel like I am about to vomit. All I can say is bring on the second trimester because this is brutal.

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