Mysmartkid expands their offering with the launch of the Smartstart Pregnancy Pack

(Cape Town, 26 January 2016) Mysmartkid, a local leader in the field of Early Childhood Development (ECD), are encouraging expectant parents to celebrate a lifetime of wonderment with the launch of their new Smartstart Pregnancy Pack.

An exciting addition to the existing Mysmartkid offering, the Smartstart Pregnancy Pack focuses on in-utero stimulation, which has been shown to develop and strengthen neural pathways, priming babies for learning and interaction from birth. Focusing on three main areas of stimulation – touch and relaxation, voice and sound, and nesting and preparing for baby – this pack is particularly beneficial to mothers in the last two trimesters of their pregnancy, when their baby’s cognitive capabilities are developing.

Says Catherine Barry, a Mysmartkid expert with a keen interest in Foetal and Early Childhood Development, “There is so much information available to parents today and we want to help direct the focus on what is truly important for both mom’s wellbeing and baby’s development.”

Barry explains that this begins even before a child is born – while your baby is still in the womb during the pre-natal period. She says, “While the most important reason for in-utero stimulation is to start your baby’s development, this process also helps parents to focus on their child’s needs and to establish the positive, loving relationship that will last a lifetime.”

The Smartstart Pregnancy Pack is endorsed by Baby Sense and includes Natural Olive Tummy Wax from Oh-Lief, a Baby Sense Muslin Receiver, the Majors for Minors Baroque CD,  the best-selling book by Meg Faure and Ann Richardson entitled Baby Sense, as well as a Mysmartkid sign for your car – a badge of honour proudly announcing: Smart Kid on Board!

Adrian Kaplan, General Manager for Mysmartkid, comments on this new addition to the programme , “We’ve often had requests from expectant parents to join our programme even before the birth of their child. Now that we’ve established the Mysmartkid programme, we are very excited to offer this option to expecting parents. It is the next exciting step as Mysmartkid goes from strength to strength!”

The Smartstart Pregnancy Pack is available online at at a cost of R325 excluding delivery and is the first available pack in the subscription programme. Once your child is born, you will receive a Smartbox every two months (the first one will contain two free welcome gifts).

About Mysmartkid 
Mysmartkid is a play-based educational programme for children from before birth to the age of six. It has become a leader in Early Childhood Development (ECD) and promotes school readiness with an integrated offering that focuses on a child’s development through the use of age-appropriate toys, tools and activities. As part of this holistic initiative, members also receive support from a panel of ECD experts who share their professional insights and expertise on the Mysmartkid website and are intimately involved with the development of various aspects of the programme. 

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