My Princess Micayla

Hi my name is John and I’m married to my beautiful wife Natasha. On the 16th of December at 9:30am our lives changed and our dreams of being parents were realised. The thought of this miracle and tiny life in my wife’s abdomen was exciting and a healthy dose of reality, that life was about to change forever, not to mention my wife’s emotions.

I remember the first 3 months were exciting and nerve wrecking, trusting that your little baby will be all clear and ok, my wife’s mood going from absolute love for me to challenging me on simple unimportant issues, and the decision to love her even more no matter what.

Well in a few days we are 20weeks half way, and just this week we did a 4D scan and saw our daughter Micayla. All the last 20weeks’ emotions came flooding back as I saw this awesome  miracle . Not so long ago i was working on a budget for the house we had purchased, and completely left “the baby room” out of it, until my wife looked and said “what about the baby”??? In all honesty I had forgotten, to her shock lol. To the time we found out the sex of our baby. We were both convinced it was a boy. We weren’t disappointed at all that we were having a girl, in fact my wife was secretly hoping for a girl. And it sounds like a common statement but I was just trusting for a healthy baby, but still changing and evaluating your expectations and wondering if it was a secret hope for a boy, and is it wrong?  It’s been baby expos and a trillion people advising you more so your wife.

But after everything’s all watered down, the real truth is that after all the advice received and all the thought processes that I’ve undergone, all I want to do is love my daughter well. And when I saw her, I realised that will be my greatest gift and best input into her life.

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