Midnight Hijinks

I recetly spoke to a friend who is in her mid thirties and not really interested in starting a family although her husband is super keen. Why I ask? Because all of us ‘married with children’ are often so grumpy about sleep deprivation and how much our social lives have changed. Although my 3 don’t routinely keep us up for hours at night unless sick, there’s usually at least one moan or cry that’s enough to rouse us. I still call this sleeping through.

However, this I have to share. We recently took a few days holiday before the arrival of no.4. The children loved being on ‘nice holiday’ but the little town we stayed in was super chilly and it always takes a few nights for everyone to settle into their new abode. Well, on night 4 one of the twins woke screaming at 1:30am. I went up to rock her, put her back in the cot but she failed to fall asleep again. The crying continued, my husband tried to get her back to sleep without success and at this point the other twin woke. Not drowsy awake but wide awake. We decided the best way for all of us to get as much rest as possible and stay as warm as possible was to bring both girls into bed with us.

Well for the next 2 hours these two ‘almost-two-year-olds’ started to giggle and chat to each other. The one would say something then the other would burst into fits of giggles and so it went between them. Although I still have no clue what they found so funny, the giggles were contageous and before long I was in fits of giggles which only made them laugh more. By 6 am the house was quiet. At 7 am my 4 year old woke and at 9 am the girls woke again as bright as anything and ready to start another day. Needless to say there were two slighlty grumpy parents in the house. I wish I’d recorded those midnight giggles because hey, they are worth a lot more than a few hours of lost sleep!!

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