Labour – This is your moment too

It is very important to have attended childbirth education classes together, to have been taught various techniques to cope with labour. Also the crucial issue is to have communicated about both of your desires for labour so that during labour you can be her mouthpiece. Inform the staff of her desires and dreams for her labour and ensure that any issue that is important to her, she gets.

Remember guys, labour is one day in a life time – and she is the one going through the pain, so you need to do everything she asks you to do. There are practical things you can do – rearrange her pillows, cool her down with refreshing cloths, get her something to drink, help her breathe through her contractions (you will know how if you attend childbirth education classes). But most importantly, love her and be next to her encouraging and supporting her all the way, reassuring her she is doing well and coping fine, and that she will make it to the end. Also if you get to a stage where you don’t feel as though you are playing any part at all, never underestimate the sheer importance of your presence.

Seeing your baby – this is the moment you’ve been looking forward to for nine months. There’s no right or wrong thing to do or way to react. Take your time and savour the moment. This is an image you’ll be able to preserve in your mind forever. This is probably one of the most wonderful gifts you will receive in your life.

As your baby is thrust in your direction for you to hold, take him proudly. Your baby is not a china doll about to fragment into millions of pieces. Think about what this baby has just endured during labour. He is hearty and healthy and exceptionally strong. So what if his head occasionally isn’t properly supported and it flops a bit to the side – it isn’t going to fall off and go rolling down the corridor. Get involved from day one with your baby and enjoy being a Dad!

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