BOKSBURG – The birth of five babies surely comes with certain challenges, but Cuddlers wanted to eliminate just one of those challenges for the parents of newborn quintuplets, with a hefty donation.

On 6 September Thando Buthelezi was taken by surprise when she gave birth to five babies in an astounding five minutes. With only three babies at home by 18 October and the other two soon to follow, Murray Booth, head of marketing at Cuddlers, wanted celebrate with mom and dad.

Booth caught wind of the story on various social media platforms and knew that the brand could do something to help. “Taking care of just one baby is a costly exercise, so we can only imagine the financial strain that five babies could put on the family,” Booth said.

“We wanted to eliminate the expense of nappies, and are honoured to take care of all their nappy needs for the next 12 months. A year’s supply of Cuddlers nappies for the quintuplets: Siyanda‚ Sbahle‚ Simosihle‚ Slindile and Sindisiwe, should be able to save the family R40 000 which they can rather spend on other critical expenses.”

Cuddlers works on the ethos of meeting key consumer needs. This spirit is reflected in the nature of the employees at the nappy manufacturer and can be seen clearly in the form this sizeable donation which aims to cater to the growing needs of the Buthelezi babies, for the first year of their lives at least.

Booth met with the family on 18 October to officially hand over the first month’s supply of nappies, which equates to approximately 1 920 nappies or 384 per baby. Cuddlers also donated 80 packs of baby wipes in addition to their initial pledge. Upon meeting Booth, the mother of the quintuplets divulged some of her experiences of taking care of the three babies who had been at home at that point. “I haven’t slept,” she said. “We have to give them constant care because I could be looking after one baby and put them down to sleep, and then the next one is awake and needs attention.”

She also explained that at a little over one month old, they are all developing their own unique personalities. “One is more demanding than the others; she is always crying for attention and food. One of the other babies is less demanding; when she wakes up she just quietly looks around.”

She was delighted and grateful for the generous support she received from Cuddlers and other members of the community. “We are so happy for these nappies. A year’s supply is really going to help us raise our babies through their first year, and to keep them dry and happy,” Buthelezi said.

Cuddlers’ donation of a year’s supply of nappies was not simply a gift-and-go gesture; Booth assured the Buthelezi’s that the company would do all that it could to help them where they could. The expenses required to raise five children however, goes far beyond the need for nappies and baby wipes.

Now that all the babies have been declared healthy, happy and have arrived safely at home, the joys and challenges of raising five babies have officially begun. “We still need a lot of support. We are looking for anyone who is prepared to help us pay for the nannies who are looking after the babies – for at least 6 months. We’ll need a new car to be able to transport all of them safely and comfortably. We need formula for them as well. The journey has just begun for us,” Buthelezi said.

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