It’s a boy!

Finally!! So excited to welcome our little boy into the world. It feels more real now that we can stop calling the baby “it”. Now to get the house ready for little Benjamin! I don’t know if I’ll lose mommy points but I haven’t even thought of what the nursery will look like. I have my colours but that’s about it. Need to get a move on!

So in other developments, this little guy is having the time of his life in my womb. His gentle little kicks and bumps have turned into a full gymnastics display. Busy, busy body! He’s also making me eat… A lot! I don’t know where it all goes to be honest. Quite impressive how much food I get through on a daily basis. I often find myself embarrassed when I’m in company, scoffing down my second helping. Oh well. Comes with the territory I guess. I’m also feeling tired again. Find myself fading at around lunchtime every day. Work has picked up again so I can’t really have my super long daily naps any more. This is made worse by the fact that this boy wont let me sleep past 8 am. No matter how hard I try! This is quite the adjustment for someone who is the furthest thing from a morning person. I guess he’s getting me ready for when he arrives.

The bump is getting bigger. Had a bit of a meltdown the other day when nothing in my wardrobe fit me. I mean nothing!! The crisis has been averted though. Had a nice long shop during the weekend and have some new pregnancy attire… for now. I’m loving the bump. Family and friends are too. So touching to see their faces light up when they see and touch it. This boy has brought so much happiness in the world already.

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