Introducing Nooksy

Nooksy is a South African reading app that enables faraway families to effortlessly read meaningful children’s books to little ones and strengthen family relationships while creating cherished memories through the power of reading

The app that was established in 2018, by Yon Kahlon to enable parents and family members to connect with their little ones through storytelling, wherever they are. The app creates an interactive storytelling experience, by enabling real-time touch screen features.

The parent or the family member can invite their little one to join the virtual reading room, once they are both in the room, they can both pick out the book of choice and enjoy reading together and interacting. The app has a curated list of books that parents and grandparents can read.

With a significant focus on instilling morals, values and reading culture, the world-first “impact” library currently features more than 50 books that cover topics such as kindness, how to be yourself and dealing with big emotions.

If you would like to conduct an interview or share an exclusive Q&A with Yon Kahlon, Renier Kriel and Katie Modrau as thought leaders in tech and childhood development and to explore the impact of the app on early childhood development, please let me know and I will happily assist!


Yon Kahlon: Founder and developer of Nooksy App

Yon Kahlon is the founder and developer of the Nooksy App. He has a Master of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Bath. After graduating, Yon joined a company in Stellenbosch called iKubu, a consulting software and electronics company that specialised in computer vision. Yon helped develop a product called Backtracker – a bicycle radar that shows cyclists the traffic behind them. The company was bought by Garmin, and they released the Varia Bike Radar.

In 2018, Yon founded Nooksy, which emanated from Yon’s personal experiences in wanting to connect with faraway family members without having to install an app or be tech savvy. Combining his passion for tech and his passion for family, Yon created an app that allows faraway family members to effortlessly read to little ones from anywhere in the world.

Yon decided to focus on “impact” literature that teaches children to be compassionate, kind and caring.

Yon can speak on the following topics:

  • What makes a successful app
  • Early childhood development – how to combine early childhood education with tech
  • Knowledge sharing on the benefits of reading to children, the importance of interactive engagement through reading for parent-child relationship building


Katie Modrau Early Childhood Development Specialist

Katie Modrau is an ECD specialists who studied a BSC Occupational Therapy at UCT. Her love for children and the strong desire to help people and make a difference was what drew her to the profession. She is currently consulting on a new feature of the Nooksy app, which is developing connection questions within the books featured on the app.

According to Katie, questions and fostering curiosity are essential tools in building and deepening relationships. By guiding the reader with questions that can be scaled up or down to suit the child’s developmental stage, Nooksy believes it will enrich the shared experience of reading together.

Katie’s journey then took her to work in the field of community development, more specifically the area of anti-human trafficking, where she is currently the country manager for a global charity, The A21 Campaign.

Katie can speak to:

  • What connection questions are and how do they help children learn
  • How can parents foster curiosity in their kids?
  • What tools can be provided to parents to help them engage with their kids and deepen relationships?
  • Many families are separated geographically – how reading and interactive story time helps build relationships with faraway family


Renier Kriel: Strategist for Nooksy

Renier Kriel is the Strategy and Product manager at Nooksy. He has more than 10 years of leadership and management experience in the digital services space and has assisted startups and corporates unlock value in existing or new digital products.

With a strong passion for leadership, Renier has built and led highly innovative teams in the digital solutions and digital product development space for the duration of his career, this includes 4i, which he founded in 2008. In 2012, the Plascon InspireMe app, developed by 4i Mobile Applications, won the category of Most Innovative App at the inaugural 2012 MTN Business App of the Year Awards. Through his passion for digital products and the value, they can add to our lives, Renier took up the offer to be a part of a project that enables distant family members to connect and build strong relationships with young minds using technology.

Renier can speak to:

  • How to spot a successful startup
  • How to create highly effective/innovative teams
  • Innovation in Africa – what can we expect from Africa in the years to come
  • How to build a successful tech startup in South Africa
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