Huggies® Pants show off your little movers

Huggies® Pants show off your little movers

Each little one is unique and has different needs, that’s why it’s great to have options when it comes to choosing a nappy for your baby. Not only in terms of the brand you prefer, but also the kind of nappy that is best for your baby. 

If you do have a little mover on your hands who is focused on exploring and adventure, then Huggies® Pants are a great option. They are designed to fit babies from the time they start to wriggle and move until your little ones have reached the stage where they no longer need to wear nappies.

But what makes Huggies® Pants so great for little movers? Not only do they ensure that little ones’ bottoms are drier for longer, but they are a great alternative to regular open nappies. Huggies® Pants include Active Channels that absorb wetness and distributes it evenly, reducing sagging and decreasing the bulkiness leading to more comfort for baby.  They have been designed to fit like underwear and are just as absorbent as regular open nappies. The soft and all-round stretchy breathable waistband makes sure that baby is comfortable and able to move with ease. Huggies® Pants are easy to put on and tear off for changing. The best part is that these nappies keep baby dry for up to 12 hours. The soft, breathable outer area of the nappies have Disney’s © Mickey and Minnie Mouse on them, which is sure to be a hit with your little ones.

To celebrate all the little movers out there, Huggies® Pants have launched a new and exciting campaign. “At Huggies®, we know how proud parents are of their little ones and are asking you to share pictures and videos of your little superstars on the move. Generally, moms love to post pics and videos of their babies crawling, dancing, walking and exploring, and now they have exciting stickers to decorate these posts. All you need to do is post your pics and videos on your Instagram story, go to giphy, search ‘Huggies Pants’, and add a cute sticker to the picture or video. Don’t forget to tag @huggies_sa,” explains Morné van Emmenes, Kimberly-Clark’s Marketing Manager for the Baby and Child Care category.

Trust Huggies® Pants to give your baby a hug that’s made for movement.

Huggies® Pants for babies on the move

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