Huggies® launches their Extra Care Range

Being a parent is one of the most magical experiences. Having a baby, watching them grow, discovering their personality and playing a role in shaping them into the person they will become is impossible to explain, but with it comes a lot of responsibility! You will never come first again, and some days you will certainly wonder whether you are doing things right. Huggies® is dedicated to helping babies thrive with a range of quality products that parents can trust throughout their baby’s nappy journey.

Huggies® is known for providing a range of nappies for every stage of a baby’s life – from the very first moment up until the last time they wear a nappy. To help make the journey of parenthood easier, Huggies® would like to introduce you to their new Extra Care Range in sizes 0, 1 and 2. This is a premium range and has exciting, special features.

“At Huggies® we understand all the uncertainties associated with becoming a parent and that is why we are continuously reviewing our nappies to offer the best solution for parent and baby”, says Caitlin Meredith, Senior Brand Manager, Huggies® New Baby. “You only get those first moments with your baby once and nothing should interfere with this special time, especially not an uncomfortable nappy.”

The Huggies® Extra Care range offers parents a size 0 disposable nappy (up to 4kg) with an umbilical cord cut-out to allow for easier cleaning of this delicate area. This nappy has a unique runny poo pocket at the back of the nappy for messy moments and soft pillows that absorb runny poo in seconds to help keep newborn skin clean and protected. It also has fasten-anywhere outer tabs and a stretchy waistband to help provide the perfect fit for baby. Lastly the wetness indicator shows when it’s time to change your precious newborn baby.

The premium Huggies® Extra Care range further includes size 1 and 2 nappies to support the changing needs of a growing new-born. All the nappies within the New Baby range are made from porous material which allows baby’s skin to breathe. The outer cover of the nappies features characters from Disney’s© Winnie the Pooh.

Compliment nappy changes with the Huggies® Pure wipes which gently lock away the mess, quickly refreshing and cleansing your baby’s delicate newborn skin. These Pure wipes are suitable for newborn delicate skin and babies with sensitive skin.
“Enjoy this incredible journey of firsts with your baby and let Huggies® be the trusted partner that is always there for you throughout your baby’s growth and development”, concludes Meredith.


Huggies® Extra Care Range

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