Huggies® introduces new unisex nappies, with Intelligent Fit™ – designed to reduce sagging

There is nothing quite as comforting to a baby than the embrace of their mother. The love, security and comfort of a mom’s hug is hard to match; but Huggies®, the trusted nappy brand and partner to moms around the world, are inspired by mom’s hugs and do their best to emulate and translate that love and comfort when designing their nappies. 

This year, Huggies® is excited to introduce moms to their new unisex Huggies® Moving Baby Range, consisting of the new and improved Huggies® Pants and Huggies® Gold nappies. “With the initial introduction of the Huggies® gender specific nappies, findings showcased that the different sexes had different absorption needs, higher up for boys and lower down for girls and while this hasn’t changed, we’ve incorporated an amazing new feature that will improve on your baby’s comfort when wearing our new unisex nappies and pants”, says Morné van Emmenes, Senior Brand Manager for Huggies® – Moving Baby.

The new Huggies® Pants and Gold nappies includes the addition of Active Channels that absorb wetness and distributes it evenly, reducing sagging and decreasing the bulkiness leading to more comfort for baby. “This exciting innovation reduces the sagging effect that usually follow when nappies get full and provides your baby with continued freedom of movement”, said van Emmenes. “This allows you to also enjoy your time with your active little one more as you know they are comfortable and protected against wetness and a saggy nappy.”

To further ensure a comfy fit, the Huggies® Gold nappies are anatomically shaped and still features the much-loved stretchy waistband and fasteners that allows mom to secure the nappy snug and comfy on their baby. Once the nappy is secured, mom can be rest assured as the nappy is also soft for comfort and skin protection, and the Dry Touch TM liner absorbs wetness in seconds.

Huggies® Pants are an alternative to regular open nappies. Designed to fit like underwear, they are just as absorbent as regular open nappies. Available with a soft and all-round stretchy breathable waistband, these nappies are easy to pull on and tear off for changing and once you have removed the pants it can simply be rolled up and deposited to the bin. Huggies® Pants keeps baby dry for up to 12 hours both day and night.

The soft, breathable outer designs of both Huggies® Gold and Huggies® Pants have pictures of both Disney’s© Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Huggies® Gold will now be available in a smaller Value pack, a bigger Jumbo pack and the biggest bag available on the market, the Huggies Gold® GigaBag. Huggies® Pants will still be available in the smaller Carry pack, and now also in a bigger Jumbo pack as well as a Megabox.

Available at all major retail outlets and pharmacies from September, moms should look out for the new packaging. The Moving Baby range will be the first within the Huggies® stable to be available in store in brand new red packaging. The entire portfolio will be changing to red, unifying the Huggies® brand under one colour. “Red is the colour of confidence, learning and play. This is what Huggies® stands for and what moms around the world have come to know us by,” explained van Emmenes.

Huggies® will never stop finding new ways to help moms enjoy everyday moments with their baby and with the introduction of nappies with an Intelligent fit™, they are one step closer to offering all babies a hug more like their moms (not the saggy kind).

Huggies® – Your hugs inspire ours.

Image Caption: Huggies® introduces unisex nappies with Intelligent Fit™

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