Holidays are over and 2012 is here!

Hello Expectant Moms

What a treat to be able to chat to you mom to mom (or perhaps expectant mom). My name is Anchen and I am a mother of 3 children. Our eldest is 3 1/2 a real busy boy who is continually full of conversation. We then have 17 month old twin girls who toddle all over the place and are starting to play together.

The last 4 years have been the best years of my life but also the busiest and most challenging. Almost 2 years ago to the day I was lying having my 12 week (and first) scan at the gynae. Both my husband and I searching the screen for the heartbeat we were anxious to see. My husband was the first to say “Is that…” and the Dr silenced him and said “Just give me a second…”  and then proceeded to announce there were two heartbeats and not one!! It’s one of those surreal moments in life that you replay in your mind for days wondering if it actually happened. After hearing ‘it’s two’ I began to giggle and the giggling continued for the next 2 hours- mostly out of joy but also a bit of shock and fear. So that’s a little about me and I’ll share more in time.

We’ve just returned from a 3 week holiday (well 2 1/2 if you take away two days of travelling on either end) and I am wondering if the pack, clear-up and great trek to the coast is worth the effort with 3 little children. The daily routine consisted of wake, feed, dress, suncream, pack beach bag, walk to beach, put up umbrella, run in different directions after the 3  (to amused onlookers), pack up, walk home, rinse everyone, clean clothes, lunch, afternoon nap (thank goodness) and then the whole routine starts again.

However, the children loved every minute, I soaked up some rays, no rushing back and forth to appointments and playdates, lots of chat time with hubby, fewer phone calls and urgent emails, some extra sleep and plenty of salt water swims. Oh yes and no sick children!!

Looking back on your holiday does anyone have tips on making it more ‘do-able’? Here’s a few of mine:

  • I don’t easily settle for less than 3 weeks for an annual holiday if leave allows. It makes the pack and travel more worthwhile. The first week is usually spent unwinding and helping the children settle. Three weeks gives your body and mind a good break before tackling a new year. I have found it’s also great for strengtheneing our marriage.
  • Keep a ‘holiday book’ with packing list for each child/ family member, medicine list, equipment, toys etc. It’s also helpful writing out planned meals so that if you’re taking food with or don’t have easy access to shops you can plan ahead (also save a bit of money not having to buy from that expensive corner cafe!) You can add and subtract from your list/ ‘little book’ on the way home thus streamlining packing for the next trip.
  • pack a little bag or racksack for each child for the car with activities and books so that they can unpack it themselves and explore what’s inside
  • If you’re holidaying in the Cape never forget to take warm clothes
  • Accept the fact that until everyone can feed and dress themselves (and safely swim) a holiday is going to be rather busy
So moms, any other tips?
Till later



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