Healthy eating in the workplace – the Weigh-Less Way!

October of each year sees the entire nation assessing their eating habits as we celebrate National Nutrition Week from the 9th to the 15th of October. The focus of this year’s campaign is “Healthy eating in the workplace”, aiming at public sector employees and workplace food service providers. The Department of Health, together with several other governmental departments, have committed themselves to support and strengthen efforts to reduce the prevalence of obesity in South Africa by 10 percent within the next five years – this will be attained by planning interventions at schools and workplaces.

With this in mind, Weigh-Less introduces its Corporate Programme, developed specifically for the workforce of South Africa. Being an all-encompassing health and lifestyle plan, the Weigh-Less Corporate Programme addresses all aspects in a concise and relevant manner with an aim to inform and empower all employees in terms of their health and wellness. Weigh-Less is the only weight management company to be named an endorsement entity by the Department of Health.

Weigh-Less is based on prudent dietary principles which includes foods from all of the food groups. We educate our members on the importance of complex carbohydrates, low-fat and high-quality proteins and dairy, as well as the need for healthy fats from nuts, seeds, and oils. An active lifestyle goes hand in hand with proper nutrition for a healthy lifestyle. Try these three simple workplace workout tips to stay active while at work:

1. Take the stairs.
Skip the elevator and climb some stairs instead. If you work on the 50th floor, get off a few floors before and ascend the last few flights on foot.

2. Take a stand.
Sitting down for long periods of time has been linked to a multitude of health concerns. Stand up every 20 minutes and stretch your arms and legs. Get your colleagues on board and have a meeting where everyone stands instead of sitting down.

3. Take a stroll.
Try not sit at your desk through tea and lunch breaks. Take a brisk walk around the office before attacking your lunch tin at your desk.

We are constantly faced with choices. Should I walk across the road to the shops or take my car? Should I offer to fetch something from reception or let someone else volunteer? Make the smart decision and choose to lead an active lifestyle, wherever you may find yourself.

Fifi Peters lost 24.8kg on the Weigh-Less Corporate Programme!
“My confidence at the workplace has increased tremendously, and I now have more courage to take initiative, take risks and grab every opportunity to excel in my career. Weigh-Less taught me to exercise self-discipline and control, so I do my best to apply those principals to every work assignment I encounter.”

Follow the link below to see if your company offers the Weigh-Less Corporate Programme:

About Weigh-Less
Mary Holroyd founded Weigh-Less in 1975, envisioning all the values and support that she wanted to receive as an overweight person. The vision was to create an environment where Members could go, and feel secure and supported on their journey to Goal Weight. The idea would be to have Groups, led by former overweight people who had empathy, and could support the Members both individually, and as a Group. These are the foundations upon which Weigh-Less was built “the Weigh-Less trilogy” the Group experience, the Group Leader and the Weight Management Programme, with the Member in the middle. Once you join Weigh-Less, your challenge becomes our challenge, and your success, our success! For more information, contact our friendly call centre on 0861 100 551 or visit the website @ to find your nearest Corporate Group.

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