Hamleys Wooden Toys

Exclusive to Hamleys

Hamleys offer a stunning selection of Traditional Wooden Toys for pre-school children. Hamleys has top quality and completely child-safe wooden toys and games that are timeless, educational, promote coordination and are all loads fun.

Play and learn the Hamleys way, with our unique pre-school collection. Hamleys Pre-School range has been carefully crafted to offer children the opportunity to develop and learn new skills through the power of play.

Hamleys has used their 250+ years of experience to create a collection that ticks all the boxes and appeals to both child and parent alike. Hamleys wants Mums and Dads to be 100% satisfied and, at the same time, we want your child to be stimulated, enthused and inquisitive – these are the essential ingredients for the best kind of play there is, and you’ll find them all in a Hamleys Preschool toy.

Choose from a selection on wooden toys exclusive to Hamleys.

Hamleys Wooden Noah’s Ark

Price: R599.95

The wooden Noah’s Ark play set is the ultimate in traditional play and still thrills children today. Animals are housed within the shape sorting lower decks so little ones are tasked with matching the animal shape to the colour coded shape hole.

Hamleys 100 Wooden Building Blocks

Price: R449.95


Limitless fun with over 100 brightly coloured and chunky shaped blocks! Teach children their shapes and colours whilst building towers, forts, bridges and houses.

Hamleys Wooden Teaching Clock

Price: R299.95

Teach children to tell the time with this fun and interactive clock face.

Hamleys Music Set

Price: R399.95

Make some noise for this 6 piece easy hold percussion set! A variety of instruments, neatly housed in the drum tray, allow your child the freedom to explore the multiple sounds that can be made with these instruments. Play unaided or join in on family sing along to make beautiful music. The Hamleys Music Set includes: Drum base with bead counter, Drumsticks, Clacker, Guiro and Scraper.

Hamleys Wooden Shape Puzzle

Price: R249.95

This 9 piece Hamleys Wooden Shape Puzzle will help children to learn their first shapes and colours.

Hamleys Pull along Mum & Baby Owl

Price: R169.90

The sweetest pull-along toy you’ll ever see…Beautifully crafted and designed with bright colours – the perfect addition to a playroom.

Hamleys Abacus Rack

Price: R349.95

This classic colour blocked bead counter is a fun way for children to learn simple numbers and colours and the reverse side has multiple colour spinning letters in both upper and lower case; simple shapes, alphabet and numbers – all in one little rack!

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