Getting Involved

A great way for you as dad to be involved with your little one is to bath him especially if mom’s domain is breastfeeding (nappy changing should be a shared responsibility – not one solely for men). When bathing your baby – the important rule to adhere to is – lock the bathroom door behind you and your baby. There is a fundamental thing about a woman – she cannot keep from commenting and correcting your inefficiencies – so lock her out. (She should have more sense to leave you alone and go and have ten minutes time out to put her feet up and relax). Bath time can be your time interacting with baby – a time when both of you are relaxed and attention is focused on each other. As little ones get a bit bigger, they love bath time. It can become your special bonding and play time – time where you are not distracted by anything, time you can give your attention in an unhurried and dedicated way to your baby. It will add to your baby’s special memories of life.

Momentous occasions

  • Hearing the words “You have a baby boy / girl”
  • Holding your baby for the first time
  • Bringing your baby over to your partner and seeing how happy you have made her
  • Wearing your baby skin to skin
  • Holding your partner’s hand and watching your baby sleep
  • Calming the baby in the middle of the night, then humming a song and dancing in your darkened living room – just you and your baby in your arms
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