Essential childbirth Edu-Tainment

It is a funny phrase in a way – but so apt – “You don’t know what you don’t know”. Many pregnant moms and dads are missing out on essential information that is vital in order to make informed decisions about their pregnancy, birth and parenting experiences. Having been involved in the childbirth education arena for around 30 years – it is interesting to note the differences that are coming to the fore now. This is the generation that has most information at their disposal, yet it is becoming evident that many educated pregnant moms and dads are not making informed decisions about their experiences.

It is the instant generation, everything must be available at a click of a button, one takes note of what “strangers” are saying as everybody has an opinion on social media – and takes their advice instead of professionals in their field of expertise. One is too busy to attend a full course of childbirth education classes – because it is “not necessary and after all we have the internet for our answers”. Couples if they are opting to attend childbirth education classes, want a quick fix and just a short crash course will suffice. What we are seeing because of this attitude is that many are making poor choices about their birth options, interventions in birth are increasing and complications are on the rise. It would appear we need to go back to basics, and really learn about options to experiences. Attend a comprehensive course of classes to learn properly about making informed decisions based on the knowledge of alternatives. Let us also turn our attention away from ourselves and think about what is best for our baby!

So what should we be learning at childbirth edu-tainment classes – we should be looking at all options that are available for labour and birth – the facts, pros and cons of each option. The practical ways of coping with the pain of labour – relaxation, massage, visualisation, breathing techniques (in other words the skills for coping with a stressful life in general). It should be a fun-filled way of stretching our minds, our beliefs and thoughts and making knowing decisions about our lives. What should birth be all about? So don’t short change yourself and try to do classes on the internet nor in crash course style – this experience makes a difference to the rest of your life as well as it impacts your baby’s direction of health for ever.

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