Easy breeze summertime décor tips that are in step with our behaviour

The sun is finally out, and as a natural mood booster, it brings with it a much-needed change in our behaviour too. Lighter and brighter days tend to make us feel happier, freer, and more positive after the restrictive dull and gloom of winter. We can finally come out of our winter hibernation, shed our chunky knits, stow away our boots, hats, and gloves, and throw open our doors and windows to soak in the fresh air.

Summer is all about long sunny days spent outdoors by the pool, braaing with friends and family, being active and just living your best life. It is so important that your living space is just as ready as you are and mirrors that bright and cheery feel. Celebrated Cape Town based interior designer Kim Williams, shares her top five easy tips to help you channel a laid-back summer makeover without breaking the bank.

Embrace the great outdoors

South Africa’s tropical climate is perfect for outdoor living, and we have seen a huge upscale in this space recently, especially during the Covid lockdown when people were desperate for some fresh air.

Blending the outdoors with your indoor area creates a soothing, relaxed mood which is synonymous with summer. Ocean torrents are especially big this season, so why not consider adding a water element to your outdoor space for some extra zen.

Add an entertainment area 

After two years of being masked up and cooped indoors, the pandemic has left us yearning for interaction. Communal spaces like rooftop gardens and outdoor gyms that allow people to come together have gained popularity within larger communities.

In the home, families and friends tend to meet more often during the summertime, so an exclusive outdoor entertainment space like a braai area has always been essential. Inside we have seen people move away from just sitting around a kitchen island to embracing the elegance and drama of a dining room where the table and its gorgeous tablecloth is the focal point. This is a wonderful way of bringing everyone together and the table décor opportunities are endless, especially in the run up to the festive season.

Splash the colour

From a trends perspective, colour is back with a bang, and we are seeing a big uptick in rooms filled with mood boosting colours that reflect personal style and taste. If you’ve been wanting to experiment with this trend, then now is the perfect time to have a go. In general, summer paint tones tend to move away from the muted grey palettes of winter to something richer, brighter and more rejuvenating.

A splash of colour can add expression and playfulness so don’t be afraid to be bold, but also remember that less is always more. Just repainting one feature wall can have a colossal impact on an entire room.

Small touches go a long way 

Seasonal décor changes don’t need to be flamboyant or costly. Simple things like replacing thick winter curtains and blankets with lighter linens and cottons can add that carefree, breezy tone in no time. For darker corners of the home that don’t get much light, consider uplifting the space with pretty prints rather than plain fabrics and opt for thinner fabrics to create lightness. We are defined by what we feel, see, and smell so try and keep your doors open, undress windows of any curtains and add lots of succulent plants for texture.

Even a simple thing like rearranging your furniture apart can create a light and airy feel, and don’t forget to have a good spring clean – it can go a long way in making a tired space feel and look refreshed.

Do what makes you happy 

Before embarking on any major (or minor) décor transformation, remember to first think of your specific lifestyle and what is important to you and your family. How you work, live, and entertain, how many people use the space on any given day and what hobbies you enjoy must be instrumental factors to your design and décor choices.

Everyone wants a modern living space, but your home must be relevant but suited to you. Trends come and go, so you want to choose décor accents that have longevity, but that also blend in comfortably and almost act as an extension of you and your family.

For more tips from Kim Williams, sign-up for her blog at www.kimwilliams.co.za or follow her on Facebook and Instagram @kim_williams_design.

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