Decisions, decisions

It is not just a matter of names for a baby and colour schemes for the nursery, now is the time to get to grips with some serious planning about your home, your finances and her job…

Should we move?

This is one of the first questions parents-to-be ask themselves and it is a difficult decision to make. If you do decide to move, don’t assume you have to do it before your baby is born – you may not need more space until your baby is walking or crawling around. If you decide to move during the pregnancy, do it early on in the pregnancy when she has more energy, don’t wait till the last minute and then baby may decide to arrive at the time of the move. Plus she needs to get her nesting in order, to be ready for labour knowing her baby has a place to be well cared in.

Should she change her job or working hours?

Whether she decides to return to work full-time, part-time or not at all depends on your finances, her employer and her attitude to her job. Some people find part-time work brings them the best of both worlds. Some people find going out on their own or consulting gives them real flexibility to manage their time. So whatever she decides now, it is a good idea to leave her some options to change her mind later on. It is worthwhile investing both your time and energy into your baby rather than just in finances to live it up especially initially, give your baby the best start to life by letting mom be there for him, she can return to work later once your little one is old enough to attend a play group

How much having a baby will it all cost?

Remember in this calculation, the older your baby gets the more expensive they become. Don’t just think it is the initial cost of equipment for them and that is it for a while!

How can I protect my family financially?

Having a child is when many people think about “growing up” and take concerns like life assurance and educational policies seriously

Do I need to change our car?

Lifestyles inevitable change when you start a family and this impacts on what you need from a car. Practicality takes precedence.

  • Is it big enough? A young family means a lot of stuff – prams, toys, shopping and children take up a lot of space
  • Is it too big – try manoeuvring and parking in a confined space to make sure you are comfortable with the car’s handling and size
  • Is it easy to fit and remove baby car seats – some cars have larger door openings and a higher seating position, which makes fitting or removing car seats easier and less strenuous
  • What is it like in the back with small children, it is often best to keep them company in the back of the car. Make sure you are comfortable with the ride and space in the back seats
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