Choosing your Obstetrician

Some hints that you may need to look for another care-giver:

Here are some true examples (fake names) of expectant moms who were dissatisfied with their gynae but felt too bad or too loyal to leave and find another obstetrician before the delivery. All ended up with a C-Section.

  • At her first obstetric visit Sarah was informed that “We only do C-sections
  • When asking about the possibility of having a normal birth Lianie was told “I will only be able to answer that towards the end of your pregnancy” FACT: Often (unless there are complications or a baby that is not lying head down) labour is the only way to tell. In other words you have to try labour first before knowing for sure if you will be able to have a normal birth.
  •  In the last 3 weeks of their pregnancy: Cecile, Nosipho and Karen were told “wow this head is looking quite big“. FACT: The head may be looking big but there’s no telling what your pelvis can do. The baby’s head molds and your pelvis has a measure of flexibility. Allow them to work together and many a ‘large’ head will be birthed. All 3 moms had booked C-sections (not emergency C-sections). Just a slight knock to your confidence in your body’s ability to birth- almost like subliminal advertising… you don’t even know it’s happening but the effect is great.
  • Christine asked the receptionist if the Obstetric practice ever does water-births. Answer: “No we don’t like water-births because the baby’s face is born into water” FACT: Yip it is!
  • Nadia and Yusuf visited their obstetrician for a regular check-up and scan. Nadia was greeted and conversed with the doctor, but for the entire time of the appointment he did not acknowledge  Yusuf’s presence at all.              FACT: Visual impairment or just plain rude?
  • Brenda was nearing the end of her pregnancy, had a regular check-up with her gynae and asked him when they were going to talk about the birth and her options. His answer: “Don’t worry I will tell you when to push”           FACT: He may need to guide her in her pushing (that is when to hold and when to push harder/ longer) but boy is she going to tell him when she needs to push.

You’re paying for the service and you’re living with the consequences of your choice. Choose wisely! If these were mechanics or plumbers we’d find a new ones!



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