Childbirth education classes – a must for dads

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The greatest fear as you go off to attend your first official class – is that you will be the only guy there and how horribly embarrassing that would be! Never fear – most guys attend classes with their partner.

Having a baby is such a new and different experience and childbirth education classes will help you grasp this reality. Classes should be a whole lot of fun to attend – you will definitely learn an enormous amount that will help you cope with pregnancy and birth as well as life in general. It is a tremendous help to chat to other guys in the same situation as yourself – and to know the changes that have taken place in your partner are quite normal (what a relief! – she is not going to remain totally crazy for the rest of her life)

Reasons to attend classes

  • You learn facts about her body that you never knew
  • You get a rare opportunity to safely commiserate with other guys about the joys of having a pregnant partner
  • You have an excuse to get out of the house, which doesn’t often happen at this stage of pregnancy
  • You don’t have to read all her pregnancy books as long as you pay attention in the class
  • You see eye-opening dvds about childbirth
  • You will replace your fears with facts, and ignorance with information
  • You will learn specific techniques to help you help her, through labour and birth
  • You will build a strong relationship with your partner
  • You can bond with other expectant parents facing the same challenges, and you will benefit from their support
  • You will get a weekly opportunity to quiz an expert with your childbirth questions
  • You build up your support system with other dads who are experiencing pregnancy, labour and parenting at the same time as you – they really understand you and your pregnancy situation
  • You learn to be her spokesperson when in labour
  • You learn to have a new found respect for your pregnant partner with what she has to experience and cope with

The true purpose to attending these classes is for you to both understand the birthing process and hence what normal labour and childbirth are like and how best to cope. Learning how to help and support your partner through this awesome experience that has taken over your entire life. These sessions stimulate discussion en route back home so you can both voice your expectations about your labour and birthing experience. It should definitely bring you closer together as you share your thoughts and dreams together in the most memorable experience of a life time.

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