Boobi Blanki

Boobi Blanki™, is a locally produced nursing blanket with a clever design by mom of three, Sally Böttger, announces its unique product to all nursing mothers.  The distinctive design of her product is practical, easy to use which doubles as a swaddling blanket providing comfort to babies after feeds.

Comparatively to other products on the market the quality of Boobi Blanki™ is not only innovative with its design, but also ‘sports’ three refreshing new colours for boys, girls or neutral.  Boobi Blanki™ is quick to attach to either your garment or bra strap leaving moms feeling comfortable and confident that ‘bits’ are securely covered.  Babies are left sweat free as they too are able to

giving feeding in public a ‘fresh’ new experience.  Moms feel comfortable and confident that ‘bits’ are securely covered all the while leaving their babies sweat free.

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