Our 1st born is full of surprises. The first surprise was 2 days before our wedding when I found out I was pregnant and the second time deciding to be born at 37 weeks.

I was busy doing my taxes when my water broke at 17:30 on a Monday evening. Me and my husband was very relaxed and made our way to the hospital. I spent the evening in hospital and could not sleep at all. I was so excited and spent the evening writing her a letter, listening to my favourite music. I only went into labour 24 hours later as I decided to do natural birth right from the start.

During birth I thought maybe was a bit crazy but I knew it was the best thing I could do for our little girl and that is what I will always want. Looking back, I’m so glad i did. There were times when I thought I wasn’t going to make it. Although it was an most intense, incredible pain that you cannot possibly ever explain, it is indeed like they say, when you see you child, all that is forgotten. My husband was very calm and so supportive during the birth.

When I held our little girl in my arms, something so special happened in my heart. I experienced an incredible love that I have never experienced before. She was so peaceful lying on my chest and seeing her face for the first time was probably the most beautiful feeling I have ever felt. I was so happy that she was healthy and happy and that she is finally here and also a sense of relief that the whole birth experience was finally over.

Having a baby is truly a magical experience and such a blessing. We have the most beautiful child and she came to fill a space in my heart I never knew I had. She is so good, most of the time, and she makes being her mom pretty easy. The challenges that comes with motherhood is hard sometimes, but it is also so rewarding. Although you get tired, getting to know your little one is so special. I feel blessed, and every time I look at her I know that something so special has happened in our lives.

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