Beautiful moments

As a mother and midwife I always listen up when I hear others sharing their birth experiences. As a midwife it’s even more exciting to be present at the birth of a baby.

I recently visited a friend 5 minutes after the birth of her 3rd daughter. She gave birth at a Birthing Unit in Pretoria with the help of two amazing midwives. I just missed the birth, but those 45 minutes after the birth were amazing to watch as an ‘outsider’. The room was calm and quiet. New mommy was in the bath cradling her new baby with tears of joy streaming down her face. She kept saying ‘it’s so amazing, it’s so amazing!’ Her little one was lying quietly on her chest listening and looking. Alert and calm. Dad was leaning on the side of the bath watching proudly.

Dad and Mom sipped tea talking about this awaesome experience that had just unfolded and comparing it to the birth of their previous two daughters which included an epidural and episiotomies.

When I left them, all 3 were propped up in the double bed together. Mom was devouring a plate of lunch and dad had his new little daughter resting on his bare chest (skin-to-skin).

What a beautiful picture. Although for some there’s need for medical intervention to save mom or baby or to prevent further illness or complication, but i can’t help wishing that more expectant moms could experience this kind of birth.


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