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Interest in the award-winning Baby Throne stems not only from the fact that parents are now able to toilet train their babies, but also from the fact that the Baby Throne is environmentally and baby friendly. Parents no longer need to wait until their child is a toddler before beginning the toilet-training process. Toilet training using the Baby Throne is kinder and healthier for babies. The Baby Throne has not only been endorsed by the South African Department of Trade and Industry, but has also been endorsed by baby clinics and paediatricians. Additional benefits include more free time for mum and a proven 60% reduction in nappy/diaper usage, resulting in substantial cost savings and environmental benefits.

The unique Baby Throne is a medically-endorsed, comfortable toilet-training aid for babies as young as 4 months old. It differs from other toilet-training devices on the market in that it can be used with much younger babies. The Baby Throne fully supports the baby, or toddler, from all sides in soft, warm foam. The ergonomically designed Baby Throne has received endorsements from paediatricians and an internationally recognized paediatric surgeon. Doctors especially recommend use of the Baby Throne with babies when making the transition from a liquid to a solid diet (at approximately 6 months of age).

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary for babies or toddlers to soil their nappies, especially with number 2s. In fact, it is possible for babies as young as 4 months old to start using the Baby Throne as long as they can hold up their heads unaided. The Baby Throne must not be confused with the baby chairs on the market, which hold the baby in a seated position. The Baby Throne is a toilet-training system, which supports the baby in an optimal ‘squat’ position, holding the baby in a natural position for emptying the bowels. This unique toilet-training aid helps to prevent the constipation issues suffered by many babies.

The Baby Throne has 3 different positions (stages) that gently guide the child towards using the toilet; this transition has been proven to be effective in getting toddlers onto the toilet without frightening them. The uniquely shaped aperture in the seat of the Baby Throne has been designed to allow the baby to use their Baby Throne until they reach 20kgs (approx. aged 4). The longest period of time that the baby or toddler should spend in the Baby Throne is 10 minutes.

The Baby Throne manufacturers are the first manufacturers in Africa to use an environmentally-friendly production technique. The Baby Throne is a South African product, manufactured in Cape Town. It is fully compliant with the strictest international safety and environmental protection standards. The Baby Throne design is protected by international patents.

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