Baby and Family Festival

Hi there- its Baby and family festival time again!

This festival is held at the Storehouse church on 21 March 9 to 13.  It can be reached by turning into Centenary rd from Circular road (at Nashua Mobile).  Go all the way down until you have to turn.  Make a right into Luneville rd.  Now it’s easy…Go all down, and some more, past the petrol station and the open area.  When you see the slipway turn left into Vitry avenue.  The church is to your left off Vitry.

At this festival you can expect to see: Me at the front door- come get some free goodies!  Sr Sharon with her birth pools, tens machines and other rentals… Then turning to the right Love your home with unique baby goodies, printed t-shirts for mom, dad and baby and lovely knitted baby hats etc.  Proceed to our area with charities… Buy Baby bags from Zanetemba, Baby biscuits from Thandusana  Meet the ladies from LLL.

Considered using cloth nappies?  If you are not already come meet three of our moms selling various brands.  From Fancy pants to Bamboo and awaiting to hear from Efa nappies.

Apart from lots of moms selling goodies like money boxes, linen, Uif options we will also have some bigger Mommy businesses like Kids Emporium, Old Mutual and Phizer.  Toddler groups will be on hand to provide mom with info.  Herbal life will be providing info on healthy eating and weight loss.  Leonora Ferreira physio on pelvic floor muscles, breast care for engorgement and recovery after birth or c-section.

A lovely soft play area will be provided by Little Munchkin soft play, a jumping castle and a Jungle gym (of Storehouse church).

Pancakes by Catcare, cupcakes and nice items…Coffee, tea and snacks

Entry is free and everybody is welcome

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